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Ghost Clearing For Homes and Business

Email me a description of what you are experiencing- and an outside photo of the home- and I can get started!

If you have Ghosts

then I can help you.

2019:  18 Years Experience

I believe that life takes you where you need to go. For me, life made sure that I became a healer, and that I would know everything that I needed to know to clear people, homes, and businesses of Ghosts.

Since I first started offering my services back in 2001, I have successfully completed ghost clearings for many hundreds of people.

How did I learn to do this? I have had a constant stream of ghosts in my life since I was 18 years old. At first, they frightened me but, over time, I learned more about them, and the fear went away. Then as life would have it, each house I lived in had at least one disincarnate spirit who was stuck and needed help to move on.

I have experienced almost all types of ghost interactions from the good to the not so good, and then way off into the downright bad.

At parties, I can entertain people for hours with all of my ghost stories.  I have experienced knocking; footsteps; ghosts going up and down stairs while making a racket; things moving; electricity going off and on at night (and you can hear the fuse breakers being turned off, and on again after they did their footsteps trick to maximum effect); roaring fires starting spontaneously (in the fireplace thankfully); things large and small floating through the air (definitely among my favorites, as this shows that the ghost has achieved a high level of understanding of energy and made good use of his/her time); also simply sensing presences beside me or near me as they get close, or brush up against me.

Over time, Angels appeared to me, and offered their services to help me heal and help ghosts. It is the Angels who have taught me the most.  And it is the Angels who work with me daily to remove ghosts and bring them to the Light.

It is because I work very closely with Angels, and am a distance Love Energy Healer, I can work on anyone anywhere in the World.

I look forward to permanently clearing you and your home of your ghosts.

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